About Us

Cricket Exchange – CREX stands proudly as one of the world’s foremost cricket analysis platforms, holding a position among the top ten single-sport platforms across the globe.

Cricket, often referred to as a game of numbers, finds its ally in Cricket Exchange – CREX, which possesses the remarkable ability to delve into these numerical intricacies to enhance performance, conduct comprehensive business analyses, and contribute significantly to the economics of cricket through robust analytics.

Established in 2017, Cricket Exchange – CREX serves as a repository for live ball-by-ball statistics for all Test, ODI, and T20I matches, as well as club-level contests. The platform offers a multifaceted live coverage experience for cricket enthusiasts, including Live Commentary, Scorecards, Fixtures, Player Rankings, Team Rankings, News updates, and more. It also provides a wealth of in-depth statistics, encompassing every cricket match and the players who have graced the sport.

With an enduring aspiration to become the world’s preeminent digital sports platform, Cricket Exchange – CREX is poised to lead the ongoing effort to make cricket more competitive, entertaining, and a source of constructive engagement for players, fans, and stakeholders alike.