Ireland National Cricket Team

Ireland National Cricket Team

Cricket was introduced to Ireland during the 18th century, primarily through the influence of British settlers and military personnel. Please refer to cricket exchange. Initially, it gained traction among the Anglo-Irish and Protestant communities, becoming a part of the sporting landscape. Establishing cricket clubs and teams in Ireland played a pivotal role in the sport’s evolution. Over time, the game expanded beyond its initial circles, finding a place in various regions of the country.

The 19th century saw the formalization of Irish cricket, with the foundation of key clubs and the commencement of structured competitions. Matches were held against visiting English sides, contributing to the growth and popularity of the sport. The period around the War of Independence and the subsequent establishment of the Irish Free State didn’t deter the progression of cricket. The sport continued to evolve, with Ireland’s first-ever international match against a team from South Africa in 1904.

The country gained Associate Membership of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1993, marking a significant step in Ireland’s international cricketing status. In 2017, Ireland was granted Test status by the ICC, marking a monumental moment in the country’s cricketing history. Their inaugural Test match against Pakistan in 2018 was a historic milestone, showcasing Ireland’s determination to excel at the sport’s highest level.

Ireland Team Performance

After their ICC full membership in 2017, they played their first-ever Test match in May 2018. However, the team has been playing the shorter version of cricket for many years and is known to be the one team that beat top-tier teams in ICC events.

  • Ireland played 7 test matches but could not win one so far.
  • Ireland has taken part in 196 ODI matches. The team won 78 matches and lost 101. The tied or no-result games are 17. The win percentage is 39 percent.
  • Ireland’s team played 154 T20 games. The team won 64 and lost 81. The number of tied or no-results games is 9. The overall win percentage of the team is 41.55.

Performance in ICC World Cups

The team provided notable upsets in World Cup history, including a win against Pakistan in the 2007 World Cup. The other notable wins came against England in the 2011 World Cup and against West Indies and Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup. Ireland did not qualify for the ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Test Championships.

  • Ireland played three world cups but could not go past the group stage.
  • Ireland played in 7 T20 World Cups but could not go past the group stage.

Key Players

The sport’s popularity has continued to grow in Ireland, evident in the increasing participation, support, and the rise of talented players from the country. The top players from Ireland are William Porterfield, Kevin O’Brien, Nail O’Brien, Paul Stirling, Andy Bilbirnie, Harry Tector, Ed Joyce, George Dockrell, Mark Adair, Boyd Rankin, Andy McBrine, and Josh Little.

  • Paul Stirling is the highest run-getter of Ireland’s team with 9284 runs. Kevin O’Brien is the 2nd best batter with 5850 runs.
  • George Dockrell is the top wicket-taker of Ireland with 191 wickets. Kevin O’Brien is the 2nd best bowler with 172 wickets for Ireland.
  • So far, William Porterfield is the best Captain of the Ireland team, with 50 victories in 113 matches.